Friday, June 17, 2011

A Voice from the Past - Martin Luther

If, then, you want to divide the Word of truth rightly (2 Tim 2:15), you must distinguish the promise from the Law as far as possible, both in your attitude and in your whole life. It is not without purpose that Paul urged this statement so diligently; for he saw that in the church this evil would arise, namely, that the Word of God would be confused, which means the promise would be mixed with the Law and in this way be completely lost. For when the promise is mixed up with Law, it becomes Law pure and simple.

Martin Luther, 1535 Lectures on Galatians, Verse 3:17 (Luther's Works, Vol. 26, Concordia Publishing House, 1963, p.302)

What do you think of this quote? How important is this distinction?

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