Does God Exist? (And Is He a Tame God?)

Does there exists a God who can intervene in history. Now the existence of such a God does not prove Christianity is true. But if there is such a God, the obvious place to look for Him is where it is claimed He has revealed Himself. And if we believe that evidence indicates there is such a God, we will examine the claims of these faiths in a different way than we would if we start with the conclusion there is no God.

1. We must avoid certain too simple counter arguments. (see, see, see)

2. Science does not prove there is not a God who intervenes in the world.(see, see, see)

3. The idea that there is no such thing as truth does not make sense.(see, see, see)

4. The natural world cannot be explained without God.(see, see, see)

5. Meaningful thought requires that there is something which transcends the mere physical universe. (seesee, see)

6. The existence of morality requires a Lawgiver. (see, see, see)

7. The existence of Christianity requires more than just a naturalistic explanation. (see)

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