Friday, August 19, 2011

A Voice from the Past - Clement of Rome

Think, my dear friends, how the Lord offers us proof after proof that there is going to be a resurrection, of which He was made Jesus Christ the first-fruits by raising Him from the dead. My friends, look how regularly there are processes of resurrection going on at this every moment. The day and the night show us an example of it; for night sinks to rest, and day arises; day passes away, and night comes again. Or take the fruits of the earth; how, and in what way, does a crop come into being? When the sower goes out and drops each seed into the ground, it falls to the earth shriveled and bare, and decays; but presently the power of the Lord's providence raises it from decay, and from that single grain a host of others spring up and yield their fruit.

Clement of Rome, To the Corinthians, about 99 AD, v. 24 (Early Christian Writings, The Apostolic Fathers, translated by Matthew Staniforth, Penguin Books, c, 1968)

What do you think of this? Is there any value to the idea expressed here?

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