Monday, January 30, 2012

A Touch of Humor - The Call

How do we tell if something is really God's calling? Is there a way to avoid making a mistake one way or the other?


  1. Pat Robertson did something similar to this when he quit his law practice, sold his stuff, moved to Virginia from New York City, bought a fledgling TV station and started the Christian Broadcasting Network.

    I say that to simply say that sometimes our level of faith is measured by the level of our willingness to risk all for Him. I am pretty conservative and tend to play it safe and not be a risk taker.

    Looking at the scriptures it is hard to find faith when an element of risk is not involved.

  2. I agree there must be a place and a time to take risk. Pure caution can be extremely damaging to faith. But I have known cases, both in my life and the lives of others I am acquainted with, where it was too easily assumed that God had said something and it proved to be wrong. Therefore I would argue that there needs to be some balance. We should not be too timid to take risks for God, but we should use some care to make sure it is indeed God we have heard from.

  3. Once heard this: Big decisions need big guidance.