Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Bride for the Prince

Re-Posted from "Meditations of a Charismatic Calvinist Who Does Not Speak in Tongues"
The Prince was given the task of interviewing various eligible women in the kingdom, that he might pick a bride. He did not really understand this, as he had thought his bride had been chosen for him already by his Father. But since he always did the will of his Father he proceeded with the process.

The first woman was elegantly dressed, with raven black hair. Her name was Pistos. She was quite formal, and well-versed in all matters of protocol and in the history and customs of the kingdom. (In fact, she seemed to know customs of the kingdom of which the Prince was unaware.) She was very exacting in carrying out and explaining these customs. But she did seem to the Prince to be somewhat rigid and demanding.

The next woman, named Chara, was very different. She rushed into the Prince's presence in casual clothes, with loose, flowing blonde hair. She was vivacious and enthusiastic, constantly cheerful and on the move. There did seem to be a problem, though, in getting her to slow down and stop talking. She seemed to follow every impulse without pause or consideration. And the Prince had to wonder how well she would hold up to the serious business of ruling.

Then entered a woman named Enkrateia, with subdued brown hair and simple, though slightly formal dress. She was efficient but commonsensical and seemed in control of herself and the situation. She believed in organization and rules, but only practical rules, none of those outmoded customs. Also, she opposed all whimsy and foolishness and preferred to get on with the practical aspects of life. But the Prince felt she might be too severe and controlled and might be lacking in compassion to those who did not meet her standards.

The Prince sat and contemplated the three women and wondered which to choose and wished He might have a mixture of the three. He also wondered if any of them might be the one his Father had chosen for him.

Then his Vicar, Pneuma, enters the throne-room and speaks, "There is something you must know about the women you have seen."

"What is it? " asked the Prince.

"They are all the same woman. She has worn different clothes and wigs and acted differently, but she is the same person."

"Is she insane?"

"No, but she is afraid of being rejected by you, so she has tried different ways to please you, hoping you will accept one of her guises. I believe with love and patience she can be healed."

"Is she the woman my Father chose for me?"

"Yes she is," the Vicar replied.

"Then I will exert all my love and patience to heal her," the Prince replied. "But tell her to dump the wigs."

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