Saturday, November 24, 2012

Old Erich Proverb - Legalism

Legalism is not the number of rules you have; it is the attitude you have toward those rules.


  1. Not sure what you are saying Mike?

    1. I was afraid this one would not be as clear as I wanted it to be. What I wanted to say was I think the attitude of self-righteous is more important to real legalism then simply the number of rules a person follows. I have known people with more rules who are not extremely self-righteous about them and I have known people with fewer rules who were self-righteous about the rules they had. Hope that clarifies.

    2. Ah! Not about me following my rules but maybe about my rules being better than your rules or your lack of rules?

    3. Yes that's my point even if I was not as clear about it as I would have liked to have been