Monday, February 18, 2013

A Touch of Humor - Bad Examples

How can we avoid misunderstanding grace? How can we live out the right understanding?


  1. Can't resist saying it Mike but this seems to be a Calvinist's perspective of sovereign grace. Not saying that it is your perspective but it came across to me that way.

    So I guess I would like to know, from Calvin's perspective, of why one saved by grace should not feel that way towards those who cannot be saved by grace. Their words may reflect a bad attitude but it does seem to reflect the theology of Calvin.

    I could be wrong though. Perhaps the two on the right may be a part of the elect?

    1. I have say it is the other way around and that Calvinism says there is nothing I can do to effect my own salvation and there is no way I can say I am better than the next guy, because everything I have is from the grace of God. And if God can save me certainly He can save the couple on the right too.

    2. "there is nothing I can do to effect my own salvation"

      That is the view that Christian Universalists have Mike.

    3. Not at all. I do not believe everyone will be saved but that no one will be saved apart from the work of God in their life. Further I would say that work results in my putting my faith in Christ, but that is a result of His working in me.