Monday, May 20, 2013

A Touch of Humor - The Theft

To what extent is it appropriate for preachers to copy from other preachers? Are there specific requirements if they do?


  1. Hey! Hey! I went back and gave you credit for the CS Lewis quote!

    1. I appreciate that though it was not really that necessary. But this cartoon is not about you, honest. Most of my posts are done at least a week ahead. I did this one before the Lewis quote even posted.

    2. Yeah, I knew that. Just my weird sense of humor. :)

      I do think that preachers experience a lot of pressure to be a Swindoll or a Stanley. I think that it is a sad side effect of televangelism. A lot of pastoral energy is wasted. Better they show a video of Swindoll if that is what they feel is needed.

    3. I suspect a lot of this comes from the emphasis on celebrities. We put certain individuals on a pedestal and make others feel bad if they do measure up. We need to encourage people to trust God for what He is doing in their lives and not try to be someone else.

      And I knew it was a joke, I just had to come up with an appropriate response. :)