Saturday, June 1, 2013

Old Erich Proverb - Surprise

Do not be surprised if the world looks down on you for being a Christian; Jesus promised they would.


  1. Sounds good as long as one is acting Christ-like when they are looked down on. Wonder what Christ-like behavior would make the world do that? Mostly for Jesus it was the religious fundamentalists who looked down on him.

  2. have to agree people can looked down on for the wrong reason. It is no virtue to act as obnoxiously as possible and turn around and claim you are persecuted. But I find that our time has no lack of Pharisees, whether religious or irreligious. However we need to be sure we do not turn out to be one of them. But I believe one thing that produces that type of extreme is a feeling of entitlement that feels I have a right to expect people to respect me. Hence my statement that we should not be surprised.