Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No Quick Fixes

As I approach my 800th post and the end of my first four years of blogging, I would like recap one of the basic ideas behind what I write. The idea that there are no quick fixes.

No quick fixes for spirituality. (see, see and see)

No quick fixes for a properly functioning church.(see, see and see)

No quick fixes for teaching God's truth. (see, see and see)

No quick fixes for political action.(see, see and see)

No quick fixes for evangelism.(see, see, and see)

No quick fixes for convincing people of the truth of Christianity.(see, see and see)

No quick fixes for obtaining miraculous intervention. (see, see and see)

No quick fixes to eliminate all problems from the Christian life. (see, see and see)

We live in a culture of quick fixes and want everything immediately, from instant coffee, to fast food, to instant entertainment. But the deep traits that form the foundation of the Christian life can only be produced over time. And while I do not want to minimize the work of the Spirit in accomplishing this, I see no basis for saying He will do it instantaneously, according to our timetable. And I am convinced it is only when we lay aside our quick fixes and magic formulas that we can cultivate the deep faith that trusts God in every situation - that He wants to produce in us. 


  1. Mostly agree with this Mike. Would love to hear your thoughts on the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ. Seems like religious humans have mostly made complex many things that are fairly simple.

    1. I would agree on the need for a simple and pure devotion to Christ, but everything that is simple is not in my opinion a quick fix. Maintaining that simplicity and purity in a world that constantly tempts us the other way can be an difficult process. The goals of the Christian faith in my opinion are simple, but they are not magic formulas.

    2. I tend to agree Mike. Yet the gospels accounts seem to present such a simple picture of Jesus healing and delivering. I think that those who were healed received a quick fix but then went back to their complex lives. And honestly, my wife and I could use a miraculous quick fix. ツ

    3. I do not think cases of miraculous healing necessarily come under the category of what I call a quick fix. I someone has a formula that guarantees a miracle, if you follow, it that I would call a quick fix. But I will continue to pray that God will give you and your wife the "quick fix" you need. : )