Friday, September 27, 2013

A Voice from the Past - Anselm

I pray. O God, to know thee, to love thee, that I may rejoice in thee. And if I cannot attain to full joy in this life may I at least advance from day to day, until that joy may came to the full. Let the knowledge of thee advance in me here, and there be made full. Let the love of thee increase, and there let it be full, that here my joy may be great in hope, and there full in truth.

Anselm, Prologium, 1033-1109, Chapter XXVI, (Proslogium; Monologium; An Addendix on Behalf of the Fool by Gaunilon; and Cur Deos Homo, translated by Sidney Norton Deane, Open Court Publishing Co, 1926,  p. 37)

Does this reflect the proper way to grow closer to God, knowledge of Him leading to love and joy? How might this affect my approach to God?

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  1. Love this prayer Mike! I copied and posted it on the Daily Prayer blog.