Saturday, October 19, 2013

Old Erich Proverb - Power

Serving God is not about our competence, but His power.


  1. What has that power looked like in your life Mike?

    1. I think the main issue here is what am I trusting in. I do not claim to have any special formula for bringing down the power of God. I have seen God do amazing things and I have seen other cases where I wondered why God did not do what I wished He would do. But I am convinced I need to depend on Him rather than thinking if I were just more capable or tried a little harder things would turn out the way I wanted them to.

    2. Still not sure what you mean by "His power" in the context of "Serving God".

    3. I am not totally sure I understand the question. I believe that when God's people gather and His word is taught, God is there at work in power among them. This may be in clearly miraculous ways or in not obviously miraculous ways. When people are genuinely instructed or encouraged or challenged the power of God is at work there. My point is I believe we should count on this rather then my own ability or intelligence or talents or learning.

    4. Seems like you are saying that we cannot really serve God in the flesh but need His Spirit to empower us when we serve. I take no issue with that but do think that much of what is done in church services has little to do with the Holy Spirit or the power of God.

    5. I believe that God often uses things in spite of our imperfections. But I suspect that a lot of what is done does come from a trust in our own capabilities. Whence my proverb.