Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The King of Glory - A Song

The King of Glory

by Mike Erich

to the tune of “Come Thou Long-Expected Jesus” (Hyfrydrol)

Open up, you ancient portals,

Let the King of Glory in.

He’s the conqueror victorious,

Who o’er all the earth shall reign.

He’s the rightful King of Israel,

Scion out of David’s line.

He’s the Son of God eternal,

With all might and power divine.

He has all the worlds created;

All the stars He calls by name.

He is very God unchanging,

For all time remains the same.

From Him comes all rule and power;

All things that exist He made.

He is equal with the Father;

Unseen God in Him’s displayed.

Born a man in humble stable,

He took on a servant’s form;

He partook of human suffering

Our redemption to perform.

He took not the form of angels,

But the form of Abram’s seed

That He might become a high priest

Who would know our every need.

He has purchased our redemption;

It’s for us His side was riven.

He has borne our sins and sorrows,

Lifted us from hell to heaven.

Sin and guilt had held us captive;

We’d no merit of our own.

He in righteousness has clothed us,

Made us fit before God’s throne.

Now He has on high ascended

To the Father’s own right hand.

He, our advocate, defends us,

Intercedes at God’s command.

By His blood He saves forever

All who refuge find in Him;

There is naught from Him can sever

Those who God does not condemn.

He will come with clouds descending,

Gather all His people in;

They shall be with Him forever

Never to see sorrow again.

He shall end all grief and sadness;

He will wipe all tears away.

He will put an end to darkness,

Bring in one eternal day.

Come you now, adore your Savior,

All you who His name confess;

We will thank Him now and ever,

Clothed in glorious righteousness.

He has conquered sin and sorrow,

Broke the bars of death and hell,

Transferred us into His kingdom;

Let His grace our praises swell.

(Should anyone wish to use this song, permission is granted, provided it is not altered or sold or performed for monetary gain without the author's prior agreement.)  

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