Friday, March 14, 2014

A Voice from the Past - Patrick

On the other hand, I did not proceed to Ireland of my own accord until I was almost giving up, but through this I was corrected by the Lord, and he prepared me so that today I should be what was once far from me, in order that I should have the care of—or rather, I should be concerned for—the salvation of others, when at that time, still, I was only concerned for myself.

Patrick, Confessions, 390-461 AD, 28 (Christian Classics Ethereal Library)

Does God bring us to the end of ourselves to prepare us to serve Him? How should we approach this situation?


  1. I know that life has brought me to the end of myself. I call that end humility. And perhaps that is the way that God designed life to be?

    1. That certainly seems to agree with with my own experience.