Wednesday, April 16, 2014

All Laud Be to God - A Song

All Laud Be to God

By Mike Erich

To the tune of “How Firm a Foundation” (Foundation)

All laud be to God, enthroned ever above,
All perfect in wisdom with eternal love.
He is spotlessly holy with infinite grace,
With legions of angels beholding His face.

Give praise to the Father, who calls forth the stars,
And sent forth His Son to pay all our arrears.
The ultimate Ruler, o'er all things He reigns,
And none of the nations shall cast off His chains.

Give thanks to the Son, born as man us to save,
Who has borne all our sins and has conquered the grave.
He declar-ed us righteous ‘fore His judgment throne
And will come in the clouds to claim us for His own.

Sing out to the Spirit who dwells now within,
Guides us into truth, breaks the power of sin.
He seals us to God, is the Firstfruits of heaven,
To us power and gifts in Christ’s body has given.

Now let us exalt God, the great Three-in-One,
Co-equal in glory, comparable to none.
Now give Him our worship, our love, and our praise;
To Him may our heart and our voice ever raise.

(Should anyone wish to use this song, permission is granted, provided it is not altered or sold or performed for monetary gain without the author's prior agreement.)  

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