Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Perversion

I looked across the table at the distraught parents, trying to act the part of the sympathetic physician.

"What is wrong with our son?" the mother sobbed.

"There is nothing physically wrong with him," I explained.

"But it makes no sense," said the father. "We are a perfectly normal couple. We both experimented in our youth. Even after we decided to have children together, we had our occasional adventures. What is wrong with him?"

"Could he be gay?" I suggested.

"No," said the mother, "that would be acceptable. We could deal with that. But we've put him through all the tests, and he turned up negative."

"Was he properly educated?" I asked.

"We introduced him to sexoinstructional material at an early age," returned the father. "We enrolled him in experimentation classes. But at a certain point, he just lost interest."

"Has he been hanging around religious people?" I queried.

"We would never allow that," stated the mother fiercely. "I have heard there is something they can slip in your drink."

"That is an urban legend." I retorted, "but people do become like the people they hang around."

"He was never allowed to do that," said the father. "We always worked to introduce him to the right sort of girls. We threw parties, we even hired professionals. But he just isn't interested in sex. You've got to help us, doctor."

"I am going to refer you to a knowledgeable specialist," I said. "In the meanwhile, do not panic. He is young, he may still grow out of it." 

As they left the office, Nurse Samantha sheepishly peeked in the other door. "We have a problem," she said reluctantly.

"What is it?" I inquired.

"You know how you told me to bring the Fergusons in the other door so the Arnolds, who just left, would not meet them," she said, dragging out every word.

"Don't tell me they met," I said, alerted. "It is important that these cases not meet. If people find out how widespread this problem is, there will be panic."

"They never met as far as we know," she said, "but someone accidentally brought their son and daughter into the same examining room. And when we came back in, they were talking together."

"Then we have a breakthrough," I said, confused.

"No, nothing like that," she responded, "at least as far as we can tell. They were not flirting or propositioning each other, they were just talking. We are really not sure what to make of that."        

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