Thursday, June 19, 2014

Defining What Is True for Me

There is a step that goes even beyond positive thinking. It is the idea that the universe is absurd, but I can define what is true for me. Related to this is the idea that the universe is absurd, but we need to choose something, regardless of what it is, or somehow define ourselves. While positive thinking claims to be able to restructure the world to fit our will, this claims there is nothing meaningful to restructure, but I am going to believe there is anyway. It is more of a game of let's pretend. But I am forced to ask, if the universe is absurd, what difference does it make what is true for me or if I choose something? And I can no more define myself than I can pull myself up by my bootstraps when my boots do not exist. A related idea is that the universe is absurd, but we must face it bravely. But if the universe is absurd, what difference does it make if I face it bravely or cowering in the corner?

The truth is, this wants to sneak truth and even morality in the backdoor. For if the universe is completely absurd, then the words "true for me," "choose," "define yourself," and "courage" are mere empty syllables. And I am forced to ask, if the universe is absurd, why does it seem to make sense? Now I want to be careful about about what I mean by "make sense." I am not making any claim to be able to understand everything or see the total overarching purpose. Much less am I claiming to be able to explain all pain and suffering. Rather, I am claiming it makes sense on the most basic level. That I can put letters on this page and you can understand them. That 2 + 2 = 4  and that I am currently sitting in Salt Lake City, Utah. It any of these things is true, then the universe is not absolutely absurd. And if no such things are true, then any thought or action is simply meaningless. As for pain and suffering, to even define them implies a clear concept of truth and even of morality. So if pain and suffering exist, the universe cannot be completely absurd in the sense required here. The truth is, if the universe is meaningless, we are unable to distinguish between any of these things. And therefore we must conclude that whatever the universe is like, it is not this.


  1. Unconditional love seems to be something that transcend truth in the truth is somewhat meaningless if it is not based and communicated in love.

    1. I would say that both are necessary and both were useless without the other.

  2. I agree with that Mike. Jesus is both love and truth.