Friday, December 26, 2014

A Voice from the Past - Luther

The Kingdom of Christ is a proclamation of peace and grace, as the angels sang that He should be Saviour of the whole world to free his people and save them from their sins. That He has done and is still doing. He is not the sort of Lord who fights with the sword and has to do with civil government. Rather he rules with the gracious preaching of peace. For that reason he is called Jesus, meaning a Saviour who helps his people to turn and be saved.

Martin Luther, 1483-1546, The Martin Luther Christmas Book, Shepherds, translated and arranged by Roland Bainton (The Westminster Press, 1948, p. 46)

How does the power of man differ from the power of God? How should this affect our lives?


  1. "he rules with the gracious preaching of peace" - Well said Martin! Man wage war. God wages peace. Man divides. God unites. Makes me think of the 3 C's:

    Communism: What is yours is mine.
    Capitalism: What is mine is mine.
    Christianity: What is mine is yours.

    Our power is rooted in our giving.