Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fear of Having Your Faith Challenged

One fear Christians commonly have is a fear of having our faith challenged. But this is a situation we need to face rather than run away from. Now I started out as an agnostic. I accepted Christianity because it made rational sense. I am convinced there are good arguments in its favor. I am not going to detail them here, but I have spent a good deal of the rest of this blog putting them forth.

I obviously cannot guarantee that a person who examines the evidence will reach my conclusions. But I believe an unexamined faith, afraid to face the issues, will lead to someone who lacks the confidence to face the world or do the things that God has called them to do. And such a faith is not likely to be able to stand up to real challenges when they come, and they generally will. Also, I question whether a faith that collapses when challenged was really a genuine faith. So I would encourage people to examine their faith, but I would admonish them to be sure to look at the arguments on both sides of the issue.  

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