Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Voice from the Past - Tyndale

Dearly beloved brother Jacob, mine heart's desire in our Savior Jesus is, that you arm yourself with patience, and be cold, sober, wise, and circumspect: and that you keep a-low by the ground, avoiding high questions that pass the common capacity. But expound the law truly, and open the vail of Moses, to condemn all flesh, and prove all men sinners, and all deeds under the law, before mercy have taken away the condemnation thereof, to be sin and damnable: and then, as a faithful minister, set abroach the mercy of our Lord Jesus, and let the wounded consciences drink pf the water of him.

William Tyndale, First Letter to John Frith, (from Tyndale, David Teems, Thomas Nelson, 2012, Appendix C, p. 273)

Is it important when preaching Christ to stick to the basics? How should we go about this?