Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rushers Running

A young man wanted to know what he could do to serve the King. He was told that if he was serious, the best way to do this was to join the Rushers.

He showed up with a crowd of others to Rusher's Orientation. There was an older man with a polished appearance who took the podium and began to give a pep-talk to the group. "We as Rushers are here to accomplish the tasks assigned us," said the polished man. "It is urgent that the tasks be done. Your crew leaders are here to instruct and encourage you. But it depends on you to have the zeal and dedication to carry them out. You must let nothing stand in the way of the completion of the tasks."

The young man was assigned to a crew and given a list of tasks to perform. Some of them seemed obviously useful, like helping a little old lady by cleaning up her yard. Others were more puzzling, and it was difficult to figure out what the point of them was. Others seemed to be just make-work. When he asked his crew leader about this, he said not to ask questions but to do the tasks.

Now the young man noticed that as the Rushers went about completing their tasks, there were a number of people (far more than the Rushers) who sat about on lawn chairs and porches and watched them. Sometimes these people cheered the Rushers on and put a hand on their shoulder and told them that they were doing a good job. Others jeered and criticized and explained what the Rushers were doing wrong. Many times the Rushers had to work around them, which made their tasks more difficult.

"Who are those?" the young man asked his crew leader.

"They are the Sitters," returned the crew leader. "They are not really dedicated, or they would be Rushers. We hope to encourage them to become Rushers some day."

One day the young man ran into a very unusual man. He did not have the frenzied hurry of the Rushers. Nor was he sitting around and observing like the Sitters. He was walking with the calm, firm stride of someone who knew where he was going.

"What are you?" asked the young man. "You do not seem to be a Rusher or a Sitter."

"I am convinced we need to learn to know and trust the King and ask what He really wants us to do," said the strange man. "We need to do the things that are important and not just rush around doing dubious tasks."

"Can you teach me to do that?" asked the young man. And they walked off together.

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