Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Stalker

The man woke up in a sweat; his heart pounding. He had had another dream about the Stalker. He told himself he should not be so afraid. But how could he be calm with an insidious monster roaming the land? This monster came after people regardless of age, gender, or ethnic origin. And destroyed them. No one escaped. He knew of a three year old that the Stalker had taken suddenly, and he was never seen again. There was a young man who was taken, leaving his family to grieve. How could he go out, knowing this creature was on the loose? Something must be done about it.

In order to look for a way to fight the monster, he went to the noted scientist, Professor Sherlock. "How are you doing in your hunt for the Stalker?" the man asked.

"We are always making progress," stated the Professor. "Soon we will be able to capture him and end his rampage."

"How long do you think it will take?"

"There is no telling. The Stalker has been around for a very long time and is exceedingly clever. He is also a master of disguise and appears in various forms. But we will catch him eventually."

"But what should I do in the meanwhile? He could get me before you get him.

"I would suggest consulting Ace Alarm System. They may be able to help."

The man from Ace Alarm greeted him warmly. "What can I do for you?" he asked.

"Do you have anything to protect me from the Stalker?" responded the man.

"That is a difficult case. But here is a list of appropriate instructions."

The man looked over the list, which included instructions for physical preparedness and combat training. "Will these guarantee I will beat the Stalker?" replied the man.

"They will at least allow you to hold him off for a long time," said the man from Ace. "True, he seems to get everyone eventually. But you could hold out quite a while."

"Is there no device that can keep him away?"

"Not unless you know what approach he will be using. Come when you are under attack, and I am sure we can find you something that will help. Some of the time anyway."

"I am not sure I am willing to accept that as the final word."

"Than you should go see Mr. Comfort."

Mr. Comfort ran a refuge for potential victims of the Stalker.

"What can you tell me about facing the Stalker?" asked the man.

"You need to realize that the Stalker is part of the natural order," replied Mr. Comfort. "It is important that we accept him and, if necessary, face him with calmness."

"But I do not want to live my life in constant fear of the Stalker."

"But you need to realize that the Stalker most typically attacks older people. So you may have a long time yet."

"But there are no guarantees."

"No, but the odds are in your favor."

The man walked away, thoroughly depressed. Maybe some day they would stop the Stalker, but right now all they had were some techniques to try to delay him. He found himself shouting down the street, "Is there no one who can defeat the Stalker?"

A passerby came up to him and said, "There is one."

"Who?" asked the man.

"Jesus Christ has defeated the Stalker, aka Death, and has escaped from his clutches. Further, he offers that all who trust in Him will ultimately by rescued by Him from the Stalker's power."

The two of them walked away, discussing the matter. 


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