Friday, June 24, 2016

A Voice from the Past - John Chrysostom

For not even this small thing itself was of themselves, but of God, who put it into their hands. For lest they might say, What then? are we not to love those that minister unto us? Yea, saith he; but you should know to what extent. For not even this thing itself is of them, but of God who gave it.

John Chrysostom, 347-407 AD, Homilies in 1 Corinthians, Homily VIII, 3:5, (translated by Rev. Talbot W. Chambers, Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Philip Schaff, Hendrickson Publishing, 1994, First Series, Vol. 12, p. 46).

What does it mean that all our abilities come from God? What are the implications of this?


  1. Sometimes I think that God, by way of the new birth, has given us spiritual fingerprints. We each are a unique expression of his Spirit.

    1. That certainly fits in with the whole idea of the body of Christ. We are each unique parts of that body and we fit together to do God's will.