Monday, November 14, 2016

A Touch of Humor - Aspects of Truth

Is it possible to see only our aspect of the truth? How can we avoid this?


  1. I am reminded of a cartoon where two people are looking at a number. On the right side the man saw 9. On the left the other saw 6. Sometimes truth is perceived differently when we view it from different places. The challenge is to try to see it through the eyes of another person. That can be different if we are not open to it.

    1. I really think it is difficult to evaluate the truth of your position if you cannot at least see the other persons position and understand why they hold it. It is is important to see both sides of the issue to be able to honestly decide which is true or if they are really just different aspects of the same thing.

    2. Perhaps truth is more like a prism thsn we want to acknowledge?