Friday, January 6, 2017

A Voice from the Past - Bernard of Clarvaux

But the believing soul longs and faints for God; she rests sweetly in the contemplation of Him. She glories in the reproach of the Cross, until the glory of His face shall be revealed. Like the Bride, the dove of Christ, that is covered with silver wings (Ps. 68.13), white with innocence and purity, she reposes in the thought of Thine abundant kindness, Lord Jesus; and above all she longs for that day when in the joyful splendor of Thy saints, gleaming with the radiance of the Beatific Vision, her feathers shall be like gold, resplendent with the joy of Thy countenance.

Bernard of Clarvaux, 1091-1153, Loving God,  Chapter IV, (Gutenberg Press from Paul  Halsall ).

Is it good to desire our coming life with Christ in heaven? Are there dangers in this?

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