Friday, June 30, 2017

A Voice from the Past - Thomas a Kempis

It is not in the nature of man to bear the cross, to love the cross, to keep under the body and to bring it into subjection, to fly from honours, to bear reproaches meekly, to despise self and desire to be despised, to bear all adversities and losses, and to desire no prosperity in this world. If thou lookest to thyself, thou wilt of thyself be able to do none of this; but if thou trustest in the Lord, endurance shall be given thee from heaven, and the world and the flesh shall be made subject to thy command. Yea, thou shalt not even fear thine adversary the devil, if thou be armed with faith and signed with the Cross of Christ.

Thomas a Kempis, 1389-1472, The Imitation of Christ, The Second Book, Chapter XII, 9 (Project Gutenberg, 1999).

Why is trust in God essential in dealing with bad times? What about good times?

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  1. Whenever I hear the word 'trust' I remember that I am only trusting God when I am not in control. I posted about this idea this week here.