Monday, August 26, 2013

A Touch of Humor - Safe Refuge

What is the Christian's duty to the poor and the oppressed? How should we carry it out?


  1. Love your take on "the aliens" Mike!

    Living in a downtown urban area I am regularly confronted by homelessness and poverty. Several guys from the shelter are a part of our Monday morning men's group. Guess that is why we support so many ministries that help the poor.

    Regarding how we should help them - I think that one should consider giving directly to shelters and food pantries. Churches rarely do much to help the poor.

  2. As a person who has been involved in the work of a local rescue mission for many years, I cannot argue with that. But I also think churches should corporately give more attention to helping those in need.

  3. My role on our pastoral staff involved helping folks pay their bills. Sadly a very small part of the church budget was earmarked for such aid. I think that is true of most suburban churches. Doubtful that it will change as the mission of most churches involves caring for their own members and not the inner city poor.

    1. I cannot disagree with you in regard to the reality. Though I always hope that the situation will change. But maybe I am just a jouster of windmills.

  4. I too am somewhat of a windmill fighter Mike. Perhaps this impossible dream is worth embracing? Perhaps it is good to hope for hearts to be changed in suburbia? And maybe evangelicalism will one day fully commit to caring for the poor? Maybe we need a little more of La Mancha in the church? ツ