Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thrice Holy God - A Song

Thrice Holy God by Seraphs Adored
by Mike Erich
to the tune of “There Came Upon a Midnight Clear" (Carol)

Thrice holy God by seraphs adored,
What could there be in me?
That could merit Your great love,
That I Your face might see.
My righteous deeds are filthy rags;
I have not one good thing.
By law condemned and self accused,
I’ve no defense to bring.

My works cannot my sin erase
Nor I my guilt allay.
But there is One who bore Your wrath
And took my sin away.
He by His blood has washed me of
All  my sin and stain.
In conquering sin, He conquered death,
And I with Him shall reign.

So not by my own righteous deeds,
Though numerous as the sand;
But only Christ’s own righteousness
Can meet Your law’s demand.
I stand clothed in the righteousness
Found only in God’s Son,
And this is Your own righteousness,
For He and You are one.

Now I still sin in thought and deed
And often break Your word.
I do not do the things I wish
But disobey my Lord.
While I am still defiled by sin
My comfort still is this:
I shall conquer death and hell
Though Jesus’ righteousness.

Thrice holy God by seraphs adored,
One day You’ll send Your Son.
Then mourning, sorrow, death and pain
Will be forever done.
Then I shall stand before Your throne,
Whom sin cannot behold,
And be absolved through Jesus’ blood,
More precious than all gold.
(Should anyone wish to use this song, permission is granted, provided it is not altered or sold or performed for monetary gain without the author's prior agreement.)  

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