Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Revolution

Justin put his thumb in the scannerpad on the side door, wondering, not for the first time, if it was right for him to work for Mr. Fulkes. Granted, Justin's Christian values helped him to influence Fulkes a little. But Fulkes was a hard man who used an electrolash on the help and fired them for minor infractions. He had improved somewhat since his son left, even listening when Justin tried to tell him about Christ. But he was far from the kind of employer he should be.

Fulkes' son's leaving had broken him. David had been his heir. But David was attracted to Maria, a beautiful young woman among the help. His father would not have it. He felt that anyone who remained in the help class was not ambitious enough to really make it in the world. Justin felt this was a unreasoning prejudice, but the old man was convinced of it. He would not allow his son to be involved with a woman like that. So he dismissed her and sent her away. Only to find shortly afterward that David himself had left. Never to be seen or heard from again.

As Justin opened the door to enter, he felt hard metal pressed into his back. "Don't move, this is a blaster," came a voice beside him.

Justin saw another man coming into view, also holding blaster pointed at him. It was David, older and with a beard, but clearly recognizable. Beside him, also sporting a blaster, was a tall.woman, with a cruel, cynical expression. "We were able to hack into the security system and reinstate my profile," David said casually. "But we needed someone to get us by the scannerkey."

Justin was grabbed firmly by three husky young men and dragged into the corridor behind David and the woman, with about four other men bringing up the rear. Mr. Fulkes was sitting at the table enjoying a late breakfast, when a look of utter surprise crept over his face. "Dav...," he began, only to receive a direct blast to the chest from his long-lost son.

Justin, trying with all his might, could not break loose. "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved," Justin shouted, as the old man's eyes glazed over. Those holding him slapped a hand over his mouth.

The way to Mrs. Fulkes' room was blocked by Sophia, Mrs. Fulkes' maid, who was devoted to her mistress. The woman with David gunned her down. Justin was held outside, but he heard a blast in Mrs. Fulkes' room.

David gathered together what was left of the help. "I am in charge here now," stated David. " This household will become the beginning of a new society that will overthrow the unjust division between owners and help. It will require great toil and danger, but we will triumph."

"Please, sir," said Milton, the accountant, "we don't really want to be involved in any danger."

"Please..." said Rhoda, the head secretary, sobbing, "can't we just go on doing our jobs as we did, or go to another household?"

"I quit," said Basil the cook, firmly. "I am looking for another position."

David grabbed his father's electrowhip off the mantle and stood over them. "I have said I am in charge now and I mean it," he snapped. "You will do what I say or else."

Justin knew he was taking his life in his hands, but he had to say it. "And will the new master be wanting his supper at the usual time?"

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