Monday, August 10, 2015

A Touch of Humor - Question of Strategy

Is there a danger of defending simplistic formulas just because they are familiar? How can we avoid this?


  1. Get rid of simplistic cliches. Our pastor did a series on religious cliches (half-truths) early this year and exposed the flaws in sayings like "everything happens for a reason".

    1. I totally agree with you about cliches. And while I disagree with your pastor on God being in control of the world, I agree that laying "everything happens for a reason," or some other cliche on a hurting person is not helpful. Hurting people need people who will care and listen, not cliches. Cliches are often just an excuse not to care. We give people a quick cliche and feel that we are going to provide they a magic solution to avoid the hard and often emotionally draining work of really caring.

    2. I like what he said about that cliche - some things happen for a reason.

      In either case, I agree with you about the use of cliches.