Monday, September 5, 2016

A Touch of Humor - Do Something

Is there something that can be done in such situations without violating religious liberty? What things should not be done?


  1. Not sure what issue you are speaking about Mike. Selling trinkets? Inducing donations with a promise of gifts?

    1. My main point is blatantly using Christ, His message and His ministry as a way to make money.

    2. Money always seems to be an issue. I guess that is why some clerics take a vow of poverty?

      In my discussions about pastoral salaries over the years I have thought that the academic model is a fairly good one. Like teachers and administrators, the more education and experience a pastor has should be a factor in such determinations.

      Sadly thought, many lay folks feel guilty about the amount of money they make and feel that they should pay their pastor on the higher corporate scale that that of academia.

      I may have wandered off topic though. Perhaps you had something more specific, like televangelists, in mind?

    3. I was not so thinking of pastor's salaries, though what you say makes sense. I was thinking more of how the money is obtained, particularly by engaging in more commercial type methods. And, yes, I suppose televangelists are the most obvious offenders in this.

    4. I most hate the ways that some churches use fund raising companies to raise money for building projects. Mostly, as with some televangelists, it is the manipulative techniques used that seem so ungodly.

    5. I would agree the manipulation in all its forms should be avoided.