Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The King on Zion - A Song

The King on Zion
By Mike Erich
To the tune of “Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned” (Ortonville)

Why are the nations gathering
And a vain thing devise,
To fight against the Mighty King
Who dwells above the skies,
Who dwells above the skies.

“I have My King on Zion set,”
The Holy One declares.
Eternal Son today begot,
True Deity He shares,
True Deity He shares.

The Rod of Jesse forth was brought
To blot out sin and shame
And we from Adam’s sin were bought
To triumph through His Name,
To triumph through His Name.

He laughs who sits in heav’n above
And conquers all His foes.
Let us embrace His Son of love
’Fore His wrath overflows,
’Fore His wrath overflows.

Now we call, “Come, Lord Jesus, come,
With all Your glory shown,”
Who us our heavenly home did gain
And death has overthrown,
And death has overthrown.

And when this present world shall pass
And sin and toil shall cease,
We shall have with our heav’nly Friend
Eternal joy and peace,
Eternal joy and peace.

Trust Him whose righteousness we bear
While here below we live.
He who His own Son did not spare
Will with Him all things give,
Will with Him all things give.
(Should anyone wish to use this song, permission is granted, provided it is not altered or sold or performed for monetary gain without the author's prior agreement.)  

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