Friday, June 8, 2012

A Voice from the Past - Minucius Felix

"God cannot be seen - he is too bright for sight; nor grasped - he is too pure for touch; nor measured - for he is beyond all sense, infinite, measureless, his dimensions known to himself alone. Too narrow is our breast to take him in, therefore we can only measure him aright in calling him immeasurable. As I feel, so will I speak; he who thinks he knows the greatness of God, makes it less; he who would not lessen it, knows it not.

Minucius Felix, ?-270 AD, Octavius, XVIII:8,9 (Loeb Classical Library, edited G. P. Goold, Tertullian and Minucius Felix, translated by Gerald H. Rendall, Harvard University Press, 1931, pp. 361,363)

Is this the proper way to view God? How would it affect our approach to Him?

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